Karen Montgomery


I was a yoga student for 10 years before making the decision to sign up for teacher training. During those years of practice, I gradually realized that I was changing in subtle yet significant ways. I learned not to take myself so seriously, that I needed to stay in the present moment or I would miss the teacher's instruction, that I could persevere through difficult poses, but also to listen to my own body and back off if that was needed. Being a competitive person, the last was the hardest lesson. I love yoga for many reasons: the physical body that feels tired but also strong and capable after class; the peace in my heart and mind; the bliss from moving in concert with other yogis for the duration of the class, and the knowledge that all are accepted wherever they may be on the journey toward health and wholeness.

I wanted to learn more, take my practice to the next level, and perhaps share the benefits that I had experienced with others. In November of 2011, I completed my 200 hour teacher training. I began teaching in June, 2012, focusing on teaching Hatha yoga, vinyasa, yin and/or eclectic yoga. I later added a kundalini class, which I love because of its energizing effects, and the way it incorporates breath work, mantra, mudra, asana and meditation. I have been graced with fabulous teachers and continue to be amazed with the richness of yoga teaching in Omaha.

I am delighted to be teaching at Karma Yoga, because of all of the above, but especially because of the positive, welcoming, and affirming climate that is pervasive once you walk through the door. I look forward to practicing here as well, knowing the joy that will surely be forthcoming through the classes and the interaction with incredible teachers and students. 

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