Kim Jones

It was a high school teacher that first introduced me to Yoga by presenting an Astanga Yogi to our class.  This yogi practiced the entire sequence in all his sweat, glory and audible breathing.  I was in awe – he made it all seem so easy. I started researching Yoga and began practicing at home with the help of Bryan Kest, Baron Baptiste and a few other recordings.  I quickly determined that it certainly was not as easy as the yogi had made it seem.
The following years I  practiced on and off in between health club activities and membership.  I must admit it was awhile before I actually attended a class in an actual Yoga Studio but when I did, I was hooked!.  From there, my practice became quite regular and I realized that there was a reason that Yoga kept “pulling me back in”!   It was in 2009 that I decided to enroll in a 200 Hour RYT certification with Theresa Murphy at One Tree Yoga.  The reason I embarked on this journey was not to teach really, but to dive deeper into the whole idea and philosophy of yoga.  And again, I was awed.  I learned so much and am still learning!  Yoga is never ending, far reaching and certainly much more than asana.  I did ultimately decide to teach and this has helped me understand even more about yoga.  I have learned so much through teaching and from my students.
Yoga has become a very large part of my life and has succeeded in changing how I live my life.  In particular it has taught me to enjoy the journey in every aspect  of life while trying not to attach myself  to the (potential) result.  Because of Yoga and it’s never ending teachings, I am  and hope to  always be “a work in progress”.

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