Julene Warren

I began my yoga journey in 1999 by attending classes at the local YMCA. By the time I found Bikram in 2004, I was fully addicted to my personal practice. The heat and gentle movements of a Bikram class helped heal issues with my back as well as provide a respite for my mind. In 2009, I decided to extend my personal practice by training to teach. I studied under Theresa Murphy, completing my 200 hour training by the end of that year. I am now working toward my 500 hour certification. I have also trained under Judith Lasater and been certified as a Restorative Teacher. Through training I found a love for many other styles of Yoga. Hot Flow, Yin and Restorative are among my favorites. Teaching allows me to share the joy, peace and love that Yoga has brought into my life.

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