MaryBeth Winner

I love teaching the classes that give people an opportunity to find stillness and self-awareness—Gentle, Stress Relief, Restorative and Beginners. I have studied and practiced yoga for 16 years.  The one thing I know is, there is always more to know. Our practice evolves as we grow and change and age.  What served us well in younger days may not be the thing we need now, and that is ok.

I have learned it is ok to not always have an edge, meet a challenge, or achieve a particular pose to textbook accuracy.  One can have a very effective and even transformational experience on the mat by paying attention to the subtle experience. The journey, and being restfully aware of all that happens on it, has become the goal. The mental strength and flexibilty gained with a regular practice have become much more important than the physical benefits.  My joy is to be able to share what I have learned along the way, and be a guide for students to learn to accept and love themselves right where they are -- all growth and transformation starts there.

--Mary Beth Winner

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