Kathie Ramsey

My first yoga class was in January of 2009. Nothing what I expected but I was hooked, the heat, the challenge, learning about the limits of my body and the peacefulness yoga added to my life. Yoga helped improve posture, strength, flexibility, focus, self-awareness, and confidence. Mind and body, a total workout without leaving that little mat...Amazing!

I was encouraged to go to teacher training, reluctantly I did.
Teacher Training was amazing it took me beyond just a practice on my mat, the transformation in my asana practice, and every aspect of my life was unexpected.

I try to bring my passion, excitement and love for this hot yoga into every class I teach. I would love to have everyone find that connection between body and mind, to find their strengths, to enjoy the peace that yoga brings both on and off the mat.

I am grateful to all of the teachers I have had along the way.....they have all taught me something and I continue to learn every time I practice and with every class I teach.
Join me on the mat. It is never to late to begin yoga. Believe in yourself.

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