Vicki L. Herron

As a Certified Yoga Instructor since 2007, Vicki has a great deal of respect for the learning, refinement and teaching of yoga.  "Helping others posture, align and adjust based on varying needs is what brings value to the individual student seeking to learn the art."  Having had a professional training and development career in areas such as communication, quality, strategic management and trainer development, Vicki sees her yoga work as a conglomeration of her career.  "Practicing yoga teaches individuals how to communicate with him/herself. It exposes our self-talk, our brain to body relationship and so much more. Yoga also teaches quality (alignment) over quantity (depth).  It's been said so often, it's almost cliche, but eveything revealed on the mat transfers into our daily lives and how we interact with others."

Vicki is elated to be a member of the Karma teaching staff.  Having returned to Omaha after 30 years, and meeting the Karma staff has been a true gift. Throughout her yoga journey, Vicki has explored varying types of yoga and studied the works of Eric Schiffman, Paul Grilley, Donna Farhi, Anna Forrest, Desikachar and many others.  Although, her main passion remains the hot yoga sequence, she also has experience in other forms of yoga and meditation and currently works with cancer patients, teaching meditation and modified approaches to vinyasa.


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