Annie is a 500 hour RYT who moved here from California with years of experience. Try one of her classes today!

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15761 W Dodge Road
Omaha, NE, 68118


Est. 2013

Head yoga instructor, Lisa Kanne has been teaching yoga for over 10 years.

New studio with familiar faces.


Meet the Teachers

Jacque Tevis-Butler

Lisa Kanne

My first visit to a yoga studio was on December 26, 2013 and it was done somewhat begrudgingly. Simply put, I was making a last ditch effort to self-heal an injured hip I acquired from basically being a stubborn athlete. Not only did I feel immediate physical benefits from that first class, I also walked away with the most incredible sense of peace I’d ever experienced. Within my first 6 months of practicing, I had decided that teaching was something I wanted to pursue, but felt I needed to continue practicing to find the right place enroll in the 200RYT training. That day occurred in the summer of 2015 when I found myself laying on the floor literally sandwiched inside a folding chair because I didn’t properly follow the teaching cues during a chair class taught by Lisa Kanne. Lisa playfully giggled and helped me uncoil myself. I was home! I signed up for teacher training at Karma Yoga that very day and graduated with my 200RYT under the tutelage of Lisa on May 1, 2016. 

As a teacher and soccer coach at Millard West High School, my initial thinking was that I wanted to focus my teaching on instructing young athletes in Restorative or Yin classes. In the course of teacher training, my feelings expanded. I have yet to find a style of yoga I don’t love or a class or student I wouldn’t want to teach. Yoga is a practice everyone can find physical, mental, and spiritual benefits and it’s extraordinarily humbling to think I will have a part in other people’s journey down that road. 

I hope the students in my classes are challenged, find the joy in facing those challenges, and take what they learn about themselves in the yoga studio out the door with them into the “real world.” It doesn’t really matter if we overcome all the challenges we face on and off the mat. All that matters is that we face them with a sense of humility, some self-awareness, and compassion toward ourselves and others. If we can do that, even when we find ourselves sandwiched inside a folding chair, we know there is a way out and a helping hand nearby.

Shawn Parmley

Lisa Kanne


My Yoga journey began over ten years ago when Karla Pirruccello posted a flyer on the bulletin board advertising her new Yoga class that she would be teaching .
I didn’t even know what Yoga was exactly, and to say I had a stiffer body was an understatement, but I still remember my first class and how wonderful it made me feel.

As a busy Mother of three who’s husband was a pilot and often out of town, my attendance was hit and miss at best. However, as I began to realize how much better I felt when I was able to practice and how much it relieved my stiffness and fibromyalgia like symptoms, I decided to attend Karla’s class regularly with the intention of this weekly yoga class becoming a priority in my life. It was on my calendar like a standing appointment that was never to be missed. So much so, that it had become my therapy, and the most important two hours of my week.

Karla had unknowingly become a profound mentor in my yoga healing journey and would continue to be my mentor on my journey to becoming a Yoga instructor. I followed her to Karma Yoga studio when it opened in 2014, this allowed me to add a second yoga class to my week, and eventually a third class. Not long after practicing yoga three times per week, I began telling anyone who would listen that going to Yoga class once a week was good, going twice a week was even better and practicing three times a week would transform your life! I began teacher training with Lisa Kanne in fall of 2015 and I am delighted to be teaching at Karma Yoga.

My yoga practice has made a profound impact on my wellbeing. I can honestly say that I am stronger and more flexible, in every sense of the word, than I have ever been in my life! It is truly my passion to share the transformative power of Yoga with others! 


Breanna Gibson

Lisa Kanne

Howdy! My name is Bre and of course I am from Texas originally. You won't hear any southern accent, although I may try occasionally. Although I'm a huge book lover in general, I have a deep love for Harry Potter. I wouldn't be who I am today without the guidance of my two older sisters, Tayler and Corie.
My journey with yoga began in 2012 as a freshman at Texas A&M University. I grew up as a dancer; dancing was my therapy and exercise, and something that I left in high school. While I loved school, coping with the all the change that college present was not the easiest. I no longer had dance as an outlet and that's when I met Mat. My yoga mat that is. This is the one thing that stayed the same every time. I didn't think of yoga as anything more than a practice until my grandma began to take yoga with her breast cancer survivors group. To know that her yoga journey was something much more personal began to take my own practice even deeper. It became a connection my grandma and I could share, and I watched her begin to love and accept her body again. I promised myself that once I finished my college degree, becoming a teacher was something I wanted to do. To know that I can one day impact someone the way my grandma was impacted is why my heart sings walking into the studio. 
I moved to Omaha immediately after graduation for my first "big girl" job at C&A Industries and the next month found my home at Karma. Being 20 years as a college graduate in a new city was only made easy knowing I had much more to look forward to in life and career.

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MaryBeth Winner

Lisa Kanne

I love teaching the classes that give people an opportunity to find stillness and self-awareness—Gentle, Stress Relief, Restorative and Beginners. I have studied and practiced yoga for 16 years.  The one thing I know is, there is always more to know. Our practice evolves as we grow and change and age.  What served us well in younger days may not be the thing we need now, and that is ok.

I have learned it is ok to not always have an edge, meet a challenge, or achieve a particular pose to textbook accuracy.  One can have a very effective and even transformational experience on the mat by paying attention to the subtle experience. The journey, and being restfully aware of all that happens on it, has become the goal. The mental strength and flexibilty gained with a regular practice have become much more important than the physical benefits.  My joy is to be able to share what I have learned along the way, and be a guide for students to learn to accept and love themselves right where they are -- all growth and transformation starts there.

--Mary Beth Winner

Daria King

Lisa Kanne

Daria began her yoga journey in the 90’s in the San Francisco Bay Area. She found yoga as the result of an accident but stayed for the physical benefits. As an athlete and lover of the outdoors, she immediately experienced the positive effects of yoga in these other areas of her life. She studied many styles of yoga while in California, under the guidance of a variety of teachers: Bikram, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa Yoga. Daria finally settled on Jivamukti Yoga and studied under international yoga instructor and author Giselle Mari.

A graduate of Westside High School, Daria returned to Omaha seven years ago with her husband and two boys. She was yoga certified in 2012 and has been teaching ever since. Daria enjoys teaching and practicing all styles of yoga from Restorative to Power. Her classes are challenging, accessible, and fun. “My goal is to provide an environment where students can practice fearlessness in order to find healing, strength, and transformation. I have witnessed time and again the power of Yoga to transform individuals. I want to share all I have learned and continue to learn in order to help people live the best lives they can. It truly is a privilege to teach.” 

Cathy Leckie Koley

Lisa Kanne

As a lifelong fitness enthusiast, I have practiced yoga on and off for many years. My first yoga class was at the corporate wellness center in Chicago where I worked in the advertising business. I entered class as a stressed out young professional; and I left class as a human being, once again. For many years, yoga was something I turned to when I needed to “calm way down”!

In 2011, during a time of great change and struggle in my life, I began to practice yoga daily and in earnest. The help that it provided me and the healing and transformation I experienced (mind, body and soul) were profound. Eager to learn everything I could about the benefits of yoga, I completed my 200-hour RYT training in February 2012. I happily re-entered the “work” force to do something I LOVE, after years of staying home to raise my 3 children. My favorite part of teaching is watching students go through their own shifts and changes; their own journeys of healing and transformation. 

I’m now working toward my 500-hour certification and I LOVE to travel and train with master yoga instructors. I recently began pursuing specialized certifications, including stand-up paddleboard (SUP) yoga therapy and Trauma Sensitive Yoga because for me, yoga has been both a therapeutic endeavor AND a joyful one. 

In my alignment-focused classes I try to energize, inform and inspire each student toward self-acceptance and growth. The “most relevant lessons” I have to teach come from my own experiences and my own committed yoga practice. I’m not sure who gets credit for the saying, but I believe “yoga is not about touching your toes; it is about what you learn on the way down.”

Julene Warren

Lisa Kanne

I began my yoga journey in 1999 by attending classes at the local YMCA. By the time I found Bikram in 2004, I was fully addicted to my personal practice. The heat and gentle movements of a Bikram class helped heal issues with my back as well as provide a respite for my mind. In 2009, I decided to extend my personal practice by training to teach. I studied under Theresa Murphy, completing my 200 hour training by the end of that year. I am now working toward my 500 hour certification. I have also trained under Judith Lasater and been certified as a Restorative Teacher. Through training I found a love for many other styles of Yoga. Hot Flow, Yin and Restorative are among my favorites. Teaching allows me to share the joy, peace and love that Yoga has brought into my life.

Steve George

Lisa Kanne

Steve's enthusiasm and knowledge will bring new insight into your practice. He has been practicing for over ten years and teaching for over eight years. 

Juli Coppersmith

Lisa Kanne

I started running more than 20 years ago.  I ran almost every day and even participated in a number of marathons. Over the years, though, running took a toll on my body as it does for most runners.  And, with the aging process in full swing, I began having some issues with arthritis and early onset osteoporosis.    I had heard yoga was great for these types of issues so, I decided to check it out.
My first experience with yoga was Bikram (hot) yoga.   I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into when I first entered the room.  But, I have to say that from the very first class I was hooked.   I absolutely, completely and totally loved it!!!   Ultimately, yoga even replaced running for me, which I thought would never happen.   And, the physical issues that brought me to yoga, all but disappeared in a very short period of time…I was amazed!  
I love the fact that the Hot yoga series works every single part of your body inside and out.  I love the intensity of the class and the extreme “detoxifying” heat.  I love that instead of tearing your body down, like many other forms of exercise, yoga restores it.  I love that yoga is for everyone…all ages…all physical capabilities.   I love the fact that in the yoga room, we don’t compete with one another, but instead draw off each other’s energy.  I love that it’s a challenge every single time you come to the mat.  I literally could go on and on…but, I think it’s safe to say I LOVE YOGA!!
Throughout my journey, I have found that yoga is so much more than the practice of a series of difficult postures.  It is about finding your true self.  I believe that everything we do on the mat helps us to know ourselves better.  For me, yoga is that part of my life that helps me re-focus, re-energize and center myself on what is important.  
I am both honored and humbled to be a part of the Karma Yoga teaching community.  My commitment and passion for helping others is of utmost importance to me as a teacher.   I believe that our success in life is not only measured by what we do, but how we do it.  Hope to see you on the mat!!  Namaste…

Sarah Paasch

Lisa Kanne

Ever since I was a little girl, all I have ever wanted to do was to be surrounded by love and to “be older” so that life wouldn’t be so tough.  I can remember growing up with a sense of responsibility for the people in my life, even my parents and grandparents.  At such a young age it was inconceivable to me that I couldn’t just “fix” everything by giving love and devotion.  All I have ever wanted to do was to help others and to be able to make a difference. In May 2015 I graduated from Nebraska Medical Center and am currently a practicing pharmacist at Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital. Working as a healthcare provider and “being older” were still not enough to overcome my lifelong struggle for love and desire to help others.  I would soon come to find out that without a steady balance of self-love and practical wisdom, pain and suffering can overwhelm us when faced with the difficulties that are a part of this life.

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”- Albert Einstein

In truth, life is tough.  Sometimes unbearable. It was in May 2013 when I first stepped on the yoga mat and was given a new hope for opportunity.  I have since come to see that our struggles in this life are not where things end, but rather where the potential for true opportunities of strength and freedom await.

Because of the practices of yoga and meditation, I have been able to develop an authentic sense of compassion for others and their fight for happiness.  I have discovered my true purpose in this life and as a yoga teacher is to hopefully share this gift of self-love and practical wisdom to as many people as possible in our continued fight for happiness. Presenting physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual challenges to my students, I hope to guide you closer to your personal journey towards finding the inner source of power and love inherent in each one of us. Through the difficulties we face on this mat or in this life, may we know that we are all in this together and there is endless opportunities to recover the strength and freedom waiting for each of us.

Sarah J. Paasch


Liz Carey

Lisa Kanne

My personal interest in yoga literally began with a series of recurring dreams I had as a child, in which I was holding odd, static, gymnastic-looking poses. Later, as a teenager in the 60’s, I happened on a book that revealed that these strange dreams poses were, incredibly, yoga postures!  It was a stunning revelation for me that dream and waking life could interface so directly, and while it spurred a lifelong interest in psychology and the potential spectrum of consciousness, it was also clear that I had somehow received an undeniableinvitation to the practice of yoga by some inner or higher power. 

It has been 31 years since I began an actual yoga practice.  I have taught for the last 17, and earned my 200-hour certification through the Lotus House of Yoga in Omaha in 2011.   I have studied with many teachers over the years, particularly within the systems of Iyengar, Anusara, Kundalini, and Ashtanga.  I am very interested in the effects that well-aligned poses, pranayama, and meditation have on the bodymind.   And yet, I have learned that the physical culture of yoga alone barely scratches the surface of this extraordinary tradition, which allows insight and wisdom into the mind, self, world and greater life beyond the physical senses.

Despite my experience, I am aware that I remain a beginner on this inward path of heart, mind and soul.    I am eager to share what I have learned so far with fellow students at the Karma Yoga studio! 

Karla Pirruccello

Lisa Kanne

Karla is a distinguished senior teacher in the Omaha area.  She draws her teaching style from many years of advanced teacher training and self-practice.  She has studied with many of the top teachers in the US and abroad including Mary Paffard, Rodney Yee, Eric Schiffman, Ganga White, Shiva Rea, Baxter Bell, Angela Farmer and many others.  She brings a creative, organic and inclusive style to her classes, with attention to alignment, internal balance and mental focus. She welcomes students at all levels of yoga practice and promises a rich and rewarding experience.

Betti Thomasian

Lisa Kanne


I started my yoga journey in 2009 when a CA coworker suggested I could burn 800+ calories in 1.5 hours at Bikram-Walnut Creek. Entranced, I found a new approach to fitness, both mental and physical., that was enhanced in Omaha when in 2011, I met Lisa Kanne and accepted the yoga challenge to not only benefit personally from the practice, but to teach. Bringing asana practice to others is a delight I will never tire of.

Leah Koch

Lisa Kanne

I came to try yoga for the first time in 2006 at a Bikram Studio in Chicago. I was surprised by the intense workout and concentrated focus I gained. It wasn't until meeting Lisa Kanne years ago that I developed a deeper appreciation of yoga and cultivated the desire to teach. I enjoy guiding students through the Hot Yoga series of 26 postures and using different techniques to deepen awareness of breath while motivating students to challenge themselves. My other love happens to be at the opposite end of the yoga spectrum: Restorative Yoga. Judith Lasater is a true source of inspiration and I have a deep respect for the importance of slowing life down. If I can help one person sleep better, release tension and find solace in this comforting practice, I am grateful. 

To me, yoga is a life long journey that isn't about attaining a perfect physique or reaching enlightenment, it is more like gaining a sixth sense. This in turn heightens my inner-awareness and reminds me that I don't have to merely react to outside forces, but rather use the knowledge I'm gaining to respond mindfully to everything around me. As a teacher, I find joy watching students working to better themselves through a focused awareness. I like to emphasize the calming properties of yoga and my teaching style reflexes this while maintaining respect for different disciplines. My absolute favorite thing is meeting all the different types of people that share the joy of learning something new with the purpose of growth and fulfillment. Let your breath be your guide on and off the mat!


Karen Montgomery

Lisa Kanne


I was a yoga student for 10 years before making the decision to sign up for teacher training. During those years of practice, I gradually realized that I was changing in subtle yet significant ways. I learned not to take myself so seriously, that I needed to stay in the present moment or I would miss the teacher's instruction, that I could persevere through difficult poses, but also to listen to my own body and back off if that was needed. Being a competitive person, the last was the hardest lesson. I love yoga for many reasons: the physical body that feels tired but also strong and capable after class; the peace in my heart and mind; the bliss from moving in concert with other yogis for the duration of the class, and the knowledge that all are accepted wherever they may be on the journey toward health and wholeness.

I wanted to learn more, take my practice to the next level, and perhaps share the benefits that I had experienced with others. In November of 2011, I completed my 200 hour teacher training. I began teaching in June, 2012, focusing on teaching Hatha yoga, vinyasa, yin and/or eclectic yoga. I later added a kundalini class, which I love because of its energizing effects, and the way it incorporates breath work, mantra, mudra, asana and meditation. I have been graced with fabulous teachers and continue to be amazed with the richness of yoga teaching in Omaha.

I am delighted to be teaching at Karma Yoga, because of all of the above, but especially because of the positive, welcoming, and affirming climate that is pervasive once you walk through the door. I look forward to practicing here as well, knowing the joy that will surely be forthcoming through the classes and the interaction with incredible teachers and students. 

Robin Hawkins

Lisa Kanne

I started dabbling in yoga in 2001 as a way of dealing with stressful work travel, especially international travel. It became an effective tool for adjusting to different time zones, and it was easier than packing gym clothes. My yoga path continued with occasional classes and with regular classes in 2006. The poses, heat and sweat of hot yoga was great for recovering old sports injuries. I practice Yin, Restorative, Vinyass, Hot and Kundalini. Sharing yoga with others and seeing their interest in yoga grow into their own practice brings me great joy. 
I have my 300-hour teacher training certificate and my 200 hour teacher training one with Prajna Yoga.

Kim Jones

Lisa Kanne

It was a high school teacher that first introduced me to Yoga by presenting an Astanga Yogi to our class.  This yogi practiced the entire sequence in all his sweat, glory and audible breathing.  I was in awe – he made it all seem so easy. I started researching Yoga and began practicing at home with the help of Bryan Kest, Baron Baptiste and a few other recordings.  I quickly determined that it certainly was not as easy as the yogi had made it seem.
The following years I  practiced on and off in between health club activities and membership.  I must admit it was awhile before I actually attended a class in an actual Yoga Studio but when I did, I was hooked!.  From there, my practice became quite regular and I realized that there was a reason that Yoga kept “pulling me back in”!   It was in 2009 that I decided to enroll in a 200 Hour RYT certification with Theresa Murphy at One Tree Yoga.  The reason I embarked on this journey was not to teach really, but to dive deeper into the whole idea and philosophy of yoga.  And again, I was awed.  I learned so much and am still learning!  Yoga is never ending, far reaching and certainly much more than asana.  I did ultimately decide to teach and this has helped me understand even more about yoga.  I have learned so much through teaching and from my students.
Yoga has become a very large part of my life and has succeeded in changing how I live my life.  In particular it has taught me to enjoy the journey in every aspect  of life while trying not to attach myself  to the (potential) result.  Because of Yoga and it’s never ending teachings, I am  and hope to  always be “a work in progress”.