Annie is a 500 hour RYT who moved here from California with years of experience. Try one of her classes today!

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15761 W Dodge Road
Omaha, NE, 68118


Est. 2013

Head yoga instructor, Lisa Kanne has been teaching yoga for over 10 years.

New studio with familiar faces.

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Liz Carey

Lisa Kanne

My personal interest in yoga literally began with a series of recurring dreams I had as a child, in which I was holding odd, static, gymnastic-looking poses. Later, as a teenager in the 60’s, I happened on a book that revealed that these strange dreams poses were, incredibly, yoga postures!  It was a stunning revelation for me that dream and waking life could interface so directly, and while it spurred a lifelong interest in psychology and the potential spectrum of consciousness, it was also clear that I had somehow received an undeniableinvitation to the practice of yoga by some inner or higher power. 

It has been 31 years since I began an actual yoga practice.  I have taught for the last 17, and earned my 200-hour certification through the Lotus House of Yoga in Omaha in 2011.   I have studied with many teachers over the years, particularly within the systems of Iyengar, Anusara, Kundalini, and Ashtanga.  I am very interested in the effects that well-aligned poses, pranayama, and meditation have on the bodymind.   And yet, I have learned that the physical culture of yoga alone barely scratches the surface of this extraordinary tradition, which allows insight and wisdom into the mind, self, world and greater life beyond the physical senses.

Despite my experience, I am aware that I remain a beginner on this inward path of heart, mind and soul.    I am eager to share what I have learned so far with fellow students at the Karma Yoga studio!