Annie is a 500 hour RYT who moved here from California with years of experience. Try one of her classes today!

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15761 W Dodge Road
Omaha, NE, 68118


Est. 2013

Head yoga instructor, Lisa Kanne has been teaching yoga for over 10 years.

New studio with familiar faces.

Meet the Teachers

Sarah Paasch

Lisa Kanne

Ever since I was a little girl, all I have ever wanted to do was to be surrounded by love and to “be older” so that life wouldn’t be so tough.  I can remember growing up with a sense of responsibility for the people in my life, even my parents and grandparents.  At such a young age it was inconceivable to me that I couldn’t just “fix” everything by giving love and devotion.  All I have ever wanted to do was to help others and to be able to make a difference. In May 2015 I graduated from Nebraska Medical Center and am currently a practicing pharmacist at Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital. Working as a healthcare provider and “being older” were still not enough to overcome my lifelong struggle for love and desire to help others.  I would soon come to find out that without a steady balance of self-love and practical wisdom, pain and suffering can overwhelm us when faced with the difficulties that are a part of this life.

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”- Albert Einstein

In truth, life is tough.  Sometimes unbearable. It was in May 2013 when I first stepped on the yoga mat and was given a new hope for opportunity.  I have since come to see that our struggles in this life are not where things end, but rather where the potential for true opportunities of strength and freedom await.

Because of the practices of yoga and meditation, I have been able to develop an authentic sense of compassion for others and their fight for happiness.  I have discovered my true purpose in this life and as a yoga teacher is to hopefully share this gift of self-love and practical wisdom to as many people as possible in our continued fight for happiness. Presenting physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual challenges to my students, I hope to guide you closer to your personal journey towards finding the inner source of power and love inherent in each one of us. Through the difficulties we face on this mat or in this life, may we know that we are all in this together and there is endless opportunities to recover the strength and freedom waiting for each of us.

Sarah J. Paasch