A Season of Reflection

As the weeks draw nearer to the time that 2014 will become a passing memory, I take the time to not only look ahead with excitement, but take a moment to really stop and ponder the past. It's easy to rush past this idea when we have so many engagements, parties, and places to be this busy season. STOP. Stop rushing, if only for the time it takes to browse over this post. Now smile. Take a deep breath through your nose....pause....close your eyes and exhale.

In different ways all the time over the past year you've no doubt read someone else's story, heard about a tragedy or experienced your own sadness at some point. Was your first thought to 'move on' after that brief period of empathy, sadness or pain? Why do we so often think we have to forge through, get back to normal or mask our feelings? It's ok to grieve. It's ok to reflect, relive, and most importantly, take your time. There is no status quo of 'normal' that you have to live up to. 

As I listened to the men and women who were ready to share their stories last night at the 'Night of Hope', in part made possible by Lisa Kanne, time stood still as I sat in the crowd with an open heart. I empathized as much as I could understand with each person's story...each difficult situation. It became very clear to me that I don't stop enough to really drink in what other people are going through. I'm inundated daily with horific headlines, mass tragedies & the over saturation of media drama that I become numb to it all because I'm not experiencing it, it's not near and dear to me. I'm not happy about this reaction. I feel like something's very wrong about how quickly I move on.

Last night really made me stop to reflect and realize how grateful I am. None of us ask for tragedy, but are we ready to face it when it rocks our world? I mean our personal, daily world. I don't know, but I know I'm better equipped when that happens because of all the stories I've read and been told about personal stories of victory through tragedy. I admire anyone that can proudly look in the mirror and say 'I am not a victim, I am a survivor'. Cheers to them and here's to a better and brighter and more *hope-filled NEW YEAR. Welcome 2015!!!!

I am so grateful for the community and family I have at Karma Yoga Omaha. Many blessings to the students, teachers and to Lisa and Rick Kanne that were brave enough to start this venture almost 1 year ago.


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