Help for the Hips: Sandra Anderson


Ideally, asana practice brings us closer and closer to a balance point, to a state of stability, ease, and inner stillness from which health and happiness blossom. But as practice progresses, you may feel “stuck” in a particular part of the body. One area of common complaint, especially for those developing a sitting posture for meditation or pranayama, centers around the hips and the pelvis. And considering that the hip joints must bear weight and provide structural stability to the whole body while at the same time allowing us to walk, run, jump, bend over, and sit, it’s no wonder problems develop there. The pelvis is the foundation for the entire torso, and its alignment is crucial to the healthy functioning of the whole organism. A brief anatomy overview may help evaluate your problems and modify your practice for bringing balance and flexibility to the hips and pelvic region...


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Lisa KanneComment