Truth is my true identity

"Truth is my true identity" or "I call upon the eternal truth that resides in all of us." This is the mantra every time we say or think "Sat Nam" in Kundalini yoga. However you don't have to be a Kundalini practitioner to understand this. Every time we connect our minds and our breath with our movements, we are in touch with our truest selves. For me, this is the most powerful result of a regular yoga practice. The mantra elevates or modifies consciousness through its meaning, the sound, tone or even the reflexology on our palate.

As a new yoga practitioner 12 years ago, I wondered why we chant "Ohm" or other Sanskrit words at the beginning or end of each practice. It wasn't until some time had passed and I gained some experience that I began to "get it." I am still working on getting it. Chanting focuses our attention on the practice, sets in motion our vibration and helps us to connect with the teacher within as well as the teachers who have gone before us.  We begin to see we are part of the wider community and what we learn about ourselves not only benefits us but also those around us. 

In life we have many roles. I am a daughter, wife, mother, sister, retired school psychologists. Along  with these roles comes expectations of how we are to act, speak and think. But when I come to the mat, it's only me, my truest self.  No expectations, no comparisons, no need to play any role. Just listening to my body and going within. And with that there is peace. 


Karen Montgomery

Karma Yoga Teacher

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