Taking the first steps in Yoga Practice

You have read about the benefits of yoga:  stress reduction, toned muscles, and back pain relief. But where does one begin?
People always tell me, "I can't do yoga because I'm not flexible." That is the perfect reason to begin your yoga journey. Tight muscles will lead to 'dis ease' in the body and injury. By opening your body up to relaxed muscles, your mind can follow the body's lead. Imagine a day without being reminded of that sore knee or shoulder. My favorite stories are from recently retired people/students who have one taken up yoga to fix their tired, tight bodies. " Movement that used to cause me pain is now easy."
Basic or Beginners class is the perfect place to start learning about yoga. A good teacher will take the time to explain the premise of yoga, alignment, and what you can expect from each style of yoga. All you need is a mat, water bottle and an open attitude to a new experience.
Like any worthwhile endeavor, you have to put forth energy and show up. No matter your fitness level, yoga can help you become your best self. 
People sometimes say, "I need to lose weight before I come to yoga." Not true. By connecting your mind and body through breath and movement, you can awaken muscles that you may have not felt in some time. You will feel a connection to your body giving you feedback each time you practice relating to your food patterns and postural holding. Your self image improves. Change comes through awareness. Yoga reminds us to be mindful while we prepare our food, the process of where it comes from, and to enjoy eating it.

Yoga is available to any age. We have students three years old in Kids yoga and eighty seven years young in Restorative yoga. Girl Scouts, Golfers and soccer teams come for group sessions. Any sport can benefit from a consistent yoga practice. 
Golfers gain greater focus through breath work, better balance, and a more fluid swing. 
Golf and Yoga are very similar - teaching us to be present in the process not in the results. Focused on the shot at hand, not the last shot or next. 
My kids always say, "mom, you think yoga fixes everything." Every body can benefit from yoga. Cancer patients feel better through Meditation and Restorative classes. I had a private with an amazing third grade girl who wanted to learn meditation to help here deal with stress. Ease in life can only help rid "dis ease" in the body and mind. How smart is our future generation! 

Lisa KanneComment