Reaping the Benefits of Yoga

I wanted to share with you how I am "Reaping The Benefits Of Yoga"- it's a great story!

I began taking Yoga classes a few months ago when my daughter, Sarah, began her quest to be certified as an instructor.  I work out every day, either swimming laps, biking or lifting weights.  I was somewhat hesitant to add Yoga to the mix, but plunged in.

The impact Yoga, especially Hot Yoga, has had is truly incredible.  Not only do I feel better both inside and out, but I have also lost a significant amount of weight- 16 pounds!  In addition, I have dropped a size from 10 to 8.

Thank you for providing me with Karma Yoga; I have been able to enjoy the rewards of practice, meet and make new friends and share Sarah's growth as an instructor.  I am so proud of her and appreciate your guidance in her certification journey.

I look forward to continuing my journey as well!


Lisa KanneComment