Breath, Alignment and Depth By Betti Thomasian


Breath, alignment, depth


In keeping up with my hot yoga teaching skills, I came across an admonition in the book, Hot Yoga MasterClass, by Gabrielle Raiz, to start with the breath, then think about your alignment as the teacher gives cues, and then go for the depth of the pose.


This was so helpful to me as I taught class that night.


Simply put, the first set of poses in the hot 26 series is the practice set; that’s it.


Really, when you think about it, breathing really does come first, doesn’t it? Without breath, the body cannot function: it’s as simple as that. So why do we fight ourselves by holding our breath? A mystery to me – and such a relief when we stop fighting our bodies with full, deep breathing.


Then, think about it: once you just. Breathe. Doesn’t it help you to focus more on where you’re placing your limbs? How you’re holding your shoulders? How your spine aligns itself down your back?


So maybe that’s another way to focus on your practice: breathe first! Let the lungs open! Let the oxygen flow to the muscles! Then all will follow when you listen to the teaching cues.




Betti Thomasian

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