With the recent Spring Equinox in March, you've probably heard a lot of yogis talking about 'planting their seeds' for Spring.  These 'seeds' they are referring to are the changes and desires they wish to see for their future.  When we 'plant our seeds' we are consciously becoming aware of what we want and then use this awareness to make things happen. Just as flower or vegetable seeds need attention to grow, so do the seeds we wish to sow in our minds.  This article will help you decide which seeds you are wishing to plant this Spring and how we can get those seeds to grow into beautiful, thriving energy forces in our lives.

     Change and transformation is all around us - grass & flowers are sprouting up everywhere; each day brings more new life into the world.  Think about the changes, transformations, and new life you would like to see in your life. This could mean anything - there is no right or wrong answer.  If you could change whatever you wanted about life, what would it be?  Are you being the person you want to be?  What are your current relationships like?  Are you satisfied with the way your life is going?  What habits & routine behaviors aren't serving you anymore?  Be honest with your reflection, this is where we find our seeds.  Really consider what you would like to see in your future.  Once you have figured out your (current) life desires, envision these desires as tiny, little round seeds.  You're more than welcome to write them down and/or say them out loud - bringing more awareness to these desires. Simply think about these beautiful little seeds.

     Now that we have discovered what seeds we wish to plant, we must prepare our garden.  If we plant our seeds in a garden that isn't ready, nothing is sure to happen.  Begin to think about your seeds and then consider what things in your life could prevent these seeds from growing.  For example, if we are desiring a big promotion at work but are constantly doubting ourselves, this lack of confidence will stunt our seed's growth.  We must eliminate the self doubt so that our self confidence can grow.  Take your time here, really consider what mental & physical habits and routines could possibly stunt or prevent growth within.   Once we eliminate the weeds, we can begin to start sowing our new seeds.

     I'm sure we've all had the fifth grade science project of growing a beanstalk; think about what it needed to grow.  Light, energy, water, love, attention and time.  These are the same things our mental seeds need in order to grow.  The art of planting mental seeds is just to envision it.  Envision your desires for change in your life.  See yourself getting that promotion, see yourself keeping your cool in traffic, see yourself enjoying kale - whatever it is, envision it. See it. Believe it.

    Now that the seeds have been planted, we find the challenge of growing a garden - the maintenance.  Maintenance for mental seeds is just as important as growing them in the ground.  Our seeds need light, energy, love, attention & TIME.  We give our seeds light & energy by constantly and consistently thinking of them, remembering that they are there.  Simply by thinking of our intention to change brings growth.  Think of your intentions every morning when you wake up and every night just before you go to sleep.  Attach your desires to a physical object you see everyday, serving as a reminder for what you wish.  Slowly but surely everything just becomes natural.  Just as we develop a routine of going outside to weed, we can't forget to keep weeding negativity out our mind.  Keep pulling out the thoughts that affect the growth and throw them away.  Keep your space clear and ready to receive.

    As we maintain our mental garden with our awareness, this focus on our seeds must be positive.  We must love and enjoy what we are after.  Let's go back to that promotion - if we are desiring a promotion but wake up every morning hating our job and dread every moment of our work day, we are not encouraging growth.  We must feel good and feel positive about the changes and growth we are seeking.   If there is any resistance, our garden will not flourish.  You know what they say - change your attitude, change your life! 

    Probably one of the hardest parts of growing a garden - and life - is being patient while waiting for our harvest.  Seeds need time to grow.  Some will grow and develop faster than others, but all seeds need time to reach their full potential. Some days we will have noticeable growth, other days we will not. Our mental seeds of change are no exception.  We cannot expect years of habitual behaviors and thinking patterns to change overnight.  We must be patient with the process and accept things as they come and as they go.  This state of patience and acceptance brings a sense of peace & ease as we make our transformations.  As time passes, notice how your seeds are growing, changing, transforming.  See the tiny differences in your life every day.  Soon, these tiny, round little seeds of thought grow into beautiful, thriving energy forces in our lives.  We start to see the fruit of our mental labor as the desires we wish for begin to come forth in our lives.  When we have reaped our harvest, we start back at the beginning, looking for new seeds we wish to sow. 

     So again, Spring is the time of new beginnings, change, and transformations.  The seeds we plant now will surely grow and manifest as the year goes on, making right now is the perfect time to choose how you want to create a new lifestyle this year.  Find your seeds through honest self-reflection and then give those seeds energy by reminding yourself of them daily.  Just as the flower blooms, life will begin to bloom in abundance as well.


Lisa KanneComment