Meditation Can Help

Join us for Meditation Monday Wednesday 6:15 am to begin your day!
Meditation can help you:
Helps you manage your stress better
Teaches you to be present in this present moment
Connects you to your purpose in life
Lowers your blood pressure
Heightens your intuition
Improves your memory
Boosts your immune system
Cultivates compassion in all relationships
Lowers your heart rate
Decreases inflammation in the body
Taps into your creativity 
Improves your problem solving skills
Increases your emotional intelligence
Opens you to great possibilities by reducing your baggage
Reduces impulsive behavior
Promotes more restful sleep
Promotes cellular regeneration
Improves functioning of your brain
Improves digestion
Enhances dream recollection 
Decreases muscle tension
Slows aging of the mind
Start today at Karma Yoga Omaha!

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