Yoga Etiquette by Lisa Kanne

So Happy you are here at Karma Yoga Omaha. A few etiquette guidelines will bring joy to everyone.

“Be a Yogi, Be on Time” as my teacher Theresa Murphy used to say. Avoid coming in at 1 minute to class time, throwing down your mat and disrupting the stillness in the room. You will have a better practice if you arrive 10 minutes or so before class so you can sit, breath and prepare your mind to be all there. When we try to pack too much into an already congested day, we feel rushed, irritable and this energy we send to those around us. When one rushes, we loose our keys, forget our phone, yell at our family, selfishly drive too fast to get to yoga and arrive in a flurry of anxiety. Awareness of these habits can help us remove them.

No cell phones in the room as we are here to unplug! In yoga, we talk about letting go and non attachment (aparigrapha) so looking at your phone, checking texts in class is not only destroying your peace, but the person next to you as well.

Stillness is healing. Try to find mountain pose, Tadasana, in between poses. We practice self discipline, or Tapas in yoga. Avoid fixing your hair, shirt, or towel as these are all distractions to the meditative quality of yoga and they will fall out of place many times. We all bring our habits, insecurities, obsessions into the class, as we should, to see them for what they are…Incessant chatter or Thoughts that pull us out of the moment. What are we avoiding instead of being still?

We have studio mats you can use. When you are done, you can hang them on the bar in the back of the room. There are towels and wipes in the back to clean off your mat and clean up any sweat spots you leave behind. Yogi’s practice saucha or purity. “Remember how you treat anything, is how you treat everything” as Julene Warren says.

When you leave, try to leave so quietly your neighbor will not hear you. You have no idea what the person next to you is going through. They may have five small children at home and this is their only quality “me” time. Or they may be caring for an aging parent. Try to keep your footprint on the world a little softer. By practicing these ideas at the studio, you take your yoga practice and these qualities with you into the world. Change starts with you. Remember “Be the Change you wish to see in the world!” - Gandhi

Thank you being part of the Karma Community! We are so happy you are here!

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