Slow Food

We are in extremely accelerated times, and we're not always the best at slowing down. I don't just mean self-care and face masks, I mean allowing ourselves to decelerate and find a natural pace. We can't put a complete pause on everything that causes us stress but we can prevent serious damage to our health!

Remember that everything requires moderation, even moderation. Check out the article below that provides a wealth of information regarding nutrition and foods that can help slow your resting heart rate!

“Monitoring the resting heart rate has strong advantages. Taking your pulse is cheap, takes little time, is understandable to people, and is something everyone can do at home to measure their progress to become an active participant in their own health management. “The accumulated weight of evidence linking elevated [resting] heart rate to cardiovascular and all-cause mortality”—that is, to a shortened lifespan—“even in apparently healthy individuals, makes a strong case for it to be considered in the assessment of cardiovascular risk.”

Written By Michael Greger M.D. FACLM on February 14th, 2019

Lisa KanneComment