Detoxing Judgement and other toxins

There are places I’ll remember and people and things that filled me with love, these are the things I choose to hold onto. Although, sometimes it isn’t this simple. There are memories and habits that need breaking and they are difficult to let go of.

One of these things is judgement.

I’d like to share an articles with you today relating to this from goop online; Creating a Judgment-Free Wellness Space.

“Jessamyn Stanley calls motivation a “fickle bitch.” And she calls the first time she tried yoga: “hell on earth.” So, no, she didn’t think she was the kind of person who would write a book about how great yoga is. Nor did she think she would crack the yoga world open for people who feel like the practice is for…other people. And yet that’s exactly what she did.

Yoga is for everybody, says Stanley, and for every body. That’s because the practice is inclusive by its very nature—it is without gender, color, size, or creed, and it welcomes modifications based on ability.”

But opening up this space is just as much a part of the practice as not eating before yoga and leaning into that warrior pose. Check out the rest of the article below.

I hope you all have a beautiful week!

Lisa KanneComment