Never Forget that you too are SUPER: A note from Lisa Kanne


All the movies right now are about Super Heroes. Sometimes these heroes look like everyday people. Each one carrying their unique powers.

Some are healers. Some are teachers. Some bring people together. Some cause us to see the world with new insight. Some help us by donating their time and talents.

You are someone’s Super Hero.

You, just you are.

You have done this for someone and you might not event be aware of your impact. Keep your super powers burning bright by tending your fire on the mat. By spending some quiet time on the mat you are fanning the flames of your powers. You see what your dharma, your purpose, is in this world. You know what you do well by knowing and getting to know yourself. Keep up the great work because the world needs you right now.

With Metta,


Lisa KanneComment