Food As Medicine

It may come as no surprise to some or most of us today that the food we eat affects the way we live and how long we live and how we carry ourselves through the day, today this could not be more true. Improving diet along with regular exercise is of course the goal of articles like the one I am sharing today, but a better health care system is too.

“Hospitals and local governments across the country have been writing and filling prescriptions for healthy food in an attempt to address the root causes of diabetes, hypertension and other costly illnesses. The federal farm bill that was passed late last year included more than $4 million in grants for the U.S. Department of Agriculture to distribute to governments that run prescription produce programs, but the money has not yet been distributed.

The goal, backed by some research, is to improve health and reduce costs by subsidizing fresh produce such as broccoli and grapefruit in addition to insulin and beta blockers.

"What we are hoping to find is there is a return on investment for the health-care system: a reduction in ER visits, medication compliance," said Lauren Shweder Biel, executive director of DC Greens, a nonprofit group that is managing the District's Produce Rx pilot. "That's the holy grail for systems like this."

This work holds an incredible and exciting potential, although I can see and understand the risks that could arise. This subtle change could completely shift the way we think and relate to food in America. For the full article follow the link below.

Lisa KanneComment